transcribe_buttonsMake history.  Earn community service hours (up to seventy).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do Transcribe participants do?

Volunteers make traces of Virginia history accessible to researchers around the world by transcribing historical documents in the Library of Virginia’s collections from cursive or typed words into searchable text.

How many community service hours could I earn?

Because this work benefits people way beyond MLWGS, Transcribe work for the Library of Virginia is considered an off-campus service project rather than on-campus or at-school service project. You may earn up to a total of 70 hours through Transcribe.

Who participates in Transcribe from MLWGS?

The MLWGS Transcribe team was established in 2017 and currently includes over 60 student volunteers representing all grade levels and many school districts.

When & where do participants transcribe documents?

Transcribe at virtual Walker Wednesday gatherings from 3:30pm to 5pm most Wednesdays during the 2020-2021 school year. When we’re on-campus for school, you can attend after-school Transcribe-a-thons at the MW Library (about 4x per year). After pandemic restrictions ease, the Library of Virginia will likely resume their monthly evening Transcribe-a-thons at the Library of Virginia (requires waiver signed by parent/guardian – see HandsOn Richmond for upcoming dates), and/or on your own schedule anywhere you have Internet access.

Additional option to earn community service by transcribing for the Libary of Congress during Walker Wednesday gatherings

On Walker Wednesdays (or during Transcribe-a-thons when we’re back on campus), because Ms. DeGroat is present, you have the option to earn community service by transcribing for the Library of Congress. Since the Library of Congress does not offer individual time logs or other verification services for hours worked (like the Library of Virginia does), you can only earn verified time for Library of Congress transcription work when Ms. DeGroat is present, such as during Walker Wednesdays.

How do I sign up to participate in Walker Wednesdays?

To sign up for Walker Wednedays, go to Once you sign up, you’ll be added to the Dragons Create group in Schoology where you’ll find the Zoom link for out gatherings, along with transcription resources.

How do I sign up for an account with the Library of Virginia?

Sign up by talking to Ms. DeGroat (your librarian) or by using your MLWGS email address to register for an account on Virginia Memory (Library of Virginia).

How do I start transcribing for the Library of Virginia?

  1. Attend a 15 to 20-minute training session with Ms. DeGroat and/or carefully review the transcription tips from the Library of Virginia.*
  2. Sign in (on upper right) to your account (once you have one) at Virginia Memory: Transcribe. ONLY hours worked while signed in will be logged in the system – and only hours on your official time log may be submitted for community service.
  3. Open a collection by clicking BROWSE ALL under the collection’s title.
  4. Look for a document with the status “not started” and open it.
  5. Type your transcription in the box, hitting SAVE frequently. Be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in the Library of Virginia’s transcription tips.

How do I submit my Transcribe hours from the Library of Virginia?

  1. At least one week before you need to submit your hours in x2vol, email Ms. Sonya Coleman at the Library of Virginia to request a log of your hours. Generally, you’ll want to submit your hours about once every four to six weeks.
  2. Once you receive your log, use the most recent date as the project date and submit the total hours on your log via x2vol (minus any time already submitted as Walker Wednesday time) listing Ms. DeGroat as your supervisor with the school phone number (804-354-6800).
  3. Ms. DeGroat will review your request and as long as the hours requested match the log from the Library of Virginia, she will approve your hours.

*For additional transcription resources, visit the Dragons Research group or Dragons Create group in Schoology.

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