Citing government docs with Chicago

For students embarking on their Global Studies 10 research journey, the following resources may be helpful as a supplement to Noodle Tools when citing government documents in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style (a.k.a. CMS):

Even though the 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style was published in 2010, because it provides less guidance about government documents than the 15th edition (1993), the older edition is generally consulted for this category of source.

As with ANY source you’re citing in Noodle Tools (or another citation generator), the citation generated will only be as accurate as the input you provide when you’re creating the citation.

The most critical step to citing accurately is pausing to determine exactly what type of document is on your screen or on the paper in front of you. If you’re not sure, ask a Social Studies teacher or a librarian.

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Slideshows for students in mentorship

Note-taking slideshow for students in a mentorship this year.

Note-taking for research

Right Topic, Right Tools slideshow for mentorship students.

Mentorship Research: Right Topic, Right Tools

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Inaugural Transcibe-a-thon a roaring success

Dragon volunteers packed the MW Library today for our inaugural Transcribe-a-thon with Sonya Coleman, Digital Collections Specialist for the Library of Virginia. After a brief workshop, students dove into the archives and began decoding cryptic cursive into searchable type. Their efforts will help make these historical documents more accessible to scholars, genealogists, writers, and artists researching in the archives.

An enormous, heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to everyone who participated!


Fun fact from today’s workshop: the Library of Virginia has 55 MILES of shelves!

If you couldn’t join us today, but are interested in earning community service by rolling up your sleeves and diving into transcription with us, please mark your calendars for the next Transcribe-a-thon on Wednesday, Oct. 11 from 3:30 to 5:00pm (and in the library during lunch the following day).

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GS10 research overview

Slideshow for review by GS10 students on required source types, suggested resources (open access and in the library’s databases), how to distinguish scholarly studies from other sources that appear in scholarly publications, and other helpful tips.



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