Docupoems, news poems, found poems, and erasures

Two opportunities to send your poems into the world:

Found poems

Select an article (or two) from the New York Times – create a found poem – and post it to their designated page by May 9th to enter the Eighth Annual Found Poem Contest

Check out their previous winners.

Docupoems / News poems

For examples of docupoems written by MLWGS students based on transcripts of interviews with veterans, explore the examples at the bottom of the library’s documentary poetry guide.

One place to send docupoems or news poems based on events in headlines during the current week is Rattle‘s Poets Respond competition.

Learning more about documentary poetry and its many possibilities

Interested in playing with erasures?  Try the online erasure tool from Wave Books. Consider challenging a friend – or everyone at your table – to pick the same source text and create an erasure. You’ll be surprised at how your erasures reflect your individual writing styles. Fair warning: the save function doesn’t always work, so take a screenshot of your poem or print your poem to keep it.

Happy writing!



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And the winners are…

…Ivan Marshall and Sam McCormack!

After the pep rally today, Dr. Ellis drew two winning names from among 23 entries in the prize drawing that was part of the library’s Dragons Unplug challenge this month. Three students designed their own unplug practice and 20 participated in Lunch Unplugged outdoors, in the library, or on a VMFA field trip with Mrs. Boswell.

Ivan and Sam – you can pick up your gift card in the library on Monday, April 3rd.


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Unplug for a chance to win

Participate in Lunch Unplugged tomorrow – either in the library or outdoors!

There will be games and crafts in the library, and sports equipment and fresh air outside. You’ll find sign-in sheets in both locations.

By signing in for the event, you pledge to turn your phone OFF and put it and any other Internet-connected devices away for the entire lunch period.

For participating in this inaugural Lunch Unplugged, you’ll be entered in a prize drawing for a $25 VISA gift card.

To enhance your awareness of the tug toward technology that may arise when you unplug, bring mindful attention to the moment you turn off your phone, and the moment after lunch when you turn it back on.

  • WHY do you feel the tug to check your phone?
  • WHICH APP do you open first once you turn your phone back on?
  • WHAT EMOTION or physical response (or neither/both) do you notice when you unplug and/or when you plug back in?
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Take the Dragons Unplug Challenge

Do your fingers twitch at the buzz or bing of an incoming text?

Does your anxiety rise when your phone runs out of juice? 

Consider giving you and your phone a break in the Dragons Unplug Challenge.

This month, design your own screen-cation (a.k.a. net-cation, tech-cation, tech sabbatical)- and perhaps join Coach Hall and Ms. DeGroat by completing an “I Unplug To _______” sign for the library’s Take the Dragons Unplug Challenge wall.

You could also participate in Unplugged Lunch on March 30th.

All participants who contribute a sign for the library wall or take part in a lunchtime library activity on March 30th will be entered in a prize drawing. Winners will be announced on Friday, March 31st.

Before deciding whether to take the unplug challenge, reflect on why you’d like to try it. Would you like to observe more closely the mental, emotional, or physical associations you have with technology, sort of like a scientist would? Would you like to see if taking a tech break has positive benefits for you?  Would you like to evaluate what the drawbacks are? Or perhaps you’d just like to determine to what extent such a practice might be useful to you…or to see if you CAN take a break from it. Whatever the answer, invest a few minutes to figure out what the point of unplugging might be for you.

If you decide to unplug, select how long of a break you’ll take and what you’ll unplug – will it be Snapchat? texting? all social media? anything that requires the Internet? anything with a screen? Here are some pro-unplugging resources that might help with your plans…

And in the interest of sparking further discussion and reflection, check out the findings from a study about Psychological Stress and Social Media Use and an opinion essay that questions the benefit of unplugging: The Pointlessness of Unplugging.  What do you think?  Consider discussing this topic with friends and family.


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