Microbiology discussion and pizza

  • A squid that gets its camouflage glow from symbiotic bacteria
  • How organisms in the human microbiome may help us stay healthy or make us sick

These are just two of the topics addressed by Ed Yong in his science writing about one of today’s hottest fields: microbiology. His most recent book is I Contain Multitudes.

Come to room 303 during lunch on Thursday, Feb. 23 to explore this fascinating field.

If you’d like to eat pizza while we chat, be sure to sign up online by Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Prior to the discussion, follow the links below to watch Ed Yong’s TED talk and/or read one or both articles in AP Source (database login required):

Ed Yong – Zombie Roaches and Other Parasite Tales (13 min. TED talk)
Ed Yong – Here’s Looking at You, Squid (3-page article from Jan. 2015 issue of Nature)
Ed Yong – Bugs on Patrol (4-page article from June 2015 issue of New Scientist)

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Happy surprise from JNHS on exam days

Imagine the delight of students who happen upon one of the jars of origami stars that members of the Japanese National Honor Society spread around campus today. I had the chance to see a student break into a big grin when they picked up this one in the library.

Great work, JNHS!


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Keep in touch with Congress

Want to keep up with what’s being debated in Congress?

Countable is a web site (with free companion app) that facilitates keeping in touch with your representatives and keeping track of the bills you care about:


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Listen to a classic on audio for free

Is there a long car, train, or plane journey in your plans for winter break?

Consider listening to a free audio book from LibriVoxa non-profit organization whose mission is the “acoustical liberation of books in the public domain.”

LibriVox audio books are read and recorded by volunteers around the world, so sometimes a book is available in multiple languages. This can provide great opportunities to enhance your language learning.

Since content is limited to works in the public domain, their selection does skew toward writers from groups that were more likely to have access to being published prior to 1923. Despite these limitations, their collection is still likely to include several titles on your “I’ll read that one day” list.

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