Games in the Creativity & Calm cabinet

In addition to origami paper, magnetic poetry, coloring books, rainbow looms, and a puzzle, there are games in the Creativity & Calm cabinet.  We’ve had Othello and Ingenious for awhile, but this week, Pandemic has joined the board game options. This cooperative role-playing game for 2 to 4 players can be played in about 45 minutes and involves working together across the globe to halt the spread of a pandemic while finding a cure for the disease. The clock is ticking…

image of the Pandemic board game with a red stuffed dragon beside it

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Subject handbooks – a bridge to understanding scholarly studies

Ms. DeGroat is currently evaluating Oxford Handbooks Online to see if it might fill a research gap in the library’s online toolbox. Subject handbooks provide scholarly overviews about topics that can often serve as a bridge between reading articles from encyclopedias, newspapers, and magazines about a topic and understanding scholarly studies in that discipline.

MLWGS students and teachers can access Oxford Handbooks Online through April 22nd. Although this free trial includes all subjects, a school subscription would be for a specific subject or subjects, so if you give this a test run, it would be VERY helpful if you could jot down the title of specific handbooks that prove useful. You may submit feedback about this resource @

Our school login for this free trial is available in the library and on the Student Information course in itslearning.

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Library Vision Walk

Participate in this week’s Library Vision Walk and you could WIN a Sugar Shack or Target gift card (winner’s choice).

Last spring, student focus groups provided the initial layer of feedback about the library’s present and future – ideas that have already led to positive changes in the library (like the cozy floor seating area) and informed this vision walk, the next layer of feedback in developing the library’s strategic plan for 2020 through 2025.

Help shape the library’s future by adding YOUR voice this week. The walk starts near the library’s main entrance. . .

close up of "start here" sign showing pencil cup, post-it pad, and Library Vision Walk instruction sheets

Image of poster inviting students to add word/phrase describing the current library to a word cloud - as well as table where students sign in and pick up instructions

and continues down the Digital Video/Mac Lab hallway.

series of posters in hallway - green, gold, and blue - on which students can leave feedback about the library

Let Ms. DeGroat know if you have any questions – and thank you in advance for your feedback!


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Create a women’s history month poster

In addition to being Youth Art Month, March is Women’s History Month.

To celebrate, the MW Library has started a poster wall (using cool posters from A Mighty Girlfeaturing women from around the globe who’ve made a difference in STEM fields. womens_history_month_march2019

Who else would you like to see pictured here?

Create your own poster about a woman who’s made an impact in any field (not just STEM fields) – including women making a difference right now!

When you’re finished, upload your poster to the library’s related shared Google folder.

At a minimum, each poster should include the following:

  • The name of the woman you’re honoring
  • A brief description of how she made – or is making – a positive impact in the world
  • An image of the woman you’re honoring
  • Your name

If you have any questions, stop by the library to speak with Ms. DeGroat.

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