Hello, breath! (a relaxation technique)

Feeling edgy, over-caffeinated, or distracted? Enhance your focus and sense of calm with this simple relaxation technique that combines the powers of touch and breath.

Step 1. Bring your attention to one of your hands. Clench your hand, then open it and stretch the fingers wide for a moment before letting the muscles relax, keeping your hand open – like it might look if you were about to wave “hello” to yourself.


silhouette of hand

Step 2. With your other hand, rest a finger near the base of the thumb on your open “hello” hand. You may close your eyes if you wish, or leave them open.

Step 3. Now slowly trace the edges of your open hand, inhaling a slow, steady breath as you trace upward on your thumb, and gently releasing your breath as you trace downward. As you trace your open hand, focus on the sensations of touch and/or breath, tuning in to the touch of your finger and/or the rise and fall of your breath. Continue breathing slowly and steadily until you’ve traced the edges of the thumb and fingers of your open hand. When you finish, slowly open your eyes if you had them closed.

You’ll likely feel a bit calmer after completing this brief exercise.

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New for 2017-18: WSJ and Genderwatch

Historical Newspapers iconThere are two changes in the MW Library’s online resource toolbox this year, both related to our ProQuest resources (available at

Our historical newspaper subscription now includes articles from the Wall Street Journal (1889-1999) in addition to the New York Times (1851-2013) and the Guardian/Observer (1791-2003). You may search these three newspaper archives simultaneously or separately.

From the same ProQuest interface, you may also search Genderwatch, a database that supports gender, LGBTQ, family, ethnic, and societal studies with over 300 titles, 250 of which are available in full-text. These sources provide coverage from 1970 to the present and include scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, books, conference papers & proceedings, dissertations & theses, reports, trade journals, and working papers. Many sources are from a Western perspective, yet the database also contains international titles like the feminist quarterly Sister Namibia.

If you’re enrolled in Gender and Culture in the Middle East and North Africa or Gender, Politics, and Consumerism, or you’re exploring topics like sexuality, religion, societal roles, feminism, masculinity, eating disorders, or healthcare for your GS10 or mentorship paper, consider searching ProQuest’s Genderwatch database.

You’ll find the 2017-18 passwords for access to all of the MW Library’s online resources in the Student Information course of itslearning or in the library.

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Congratulations, Yashna!

Congratulations to Yashna Nainani, the 2016-17 recipient of the Linda Howe Award for community service. Yashna contributed over 800 hours of service to her community during her tenure at MLWGS. The Governor’s School Foundation donated Aparna Jain’s book Own It: Leadership Lessons from Women Who Do to the library in Yashna’s honor.

Considering Yashna’s membership in the inaugural Gender and Culture in MENA seminar, including her participation in the Morocco trip, this book’s connection to leadership and gender made it a fitting choice.  Thanks, Yashna!


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Book and VHS tape giveaway begins today

Periodically the library has giveaways of library books that are duplicates or are no longer a good fit for the collection (e.g. outdated, etc.), as well as donated books that the library already owns or that aren’t a good match for our readership.

This year there are also VHS tapes from the library and the MLWGS English department.

Take as many of these FREE items as you’d like – for reading, watching, or for a creative summer project!  Here are a few sites with crafty ideas for old VHS tapes from bookends to bracelets:

ONLY take items in the giveaway section – NOT books on the library shelves or textbooks in the new textbook review area.

More items will be added throughout the week, so feel free to come by more than once!

bookgiveaway (2)

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