Resources for Chinese cultural research in both English and Chinese, and for Chinese language learning. For scholarly research, JSTOR contains many Asia Studies journals.

Gratitude to the following Chinese Studies librarians whose feedback and/or research guides informed the development of this topic guide: Jianye He and Corliss Lee (Berkeley); Ding Ye (Georgetown); Martin Heijdra (Princeton); Haihui Zhang (U of Pittsburgh); John Glover (VCU); Zhijia Shen (U of Washington); and Michael Meng (Yale). And special thanks to Dr. Melanie Manion, Associate Director of the La Follette School of Public Affairs for “Electronic Resource on Contemporary China.”

Current Events

Chinese-language Sources

Beijing Daily (govt-owned)
China Digital Times (UC Berkeley)- news from multiple sources; focus on tracking censorship efforts and translating dissident voices
Eastday – formerly Shanghai Daily
People’s Daily – news site of Communist Party of China
Xinhua News Agency – official government news agency

English-language Sources

China Daily – national newspaper for North American readers
China Digital Times – (UC Berkeley)- news from multiple sources; focus on translating dissident voices and tracking censorship efforts (see Ministry of Truth archives)
China File – from NYC-based Asia Society
Eastday – formerly Shanghai Daily
People’s Daily – news site of Communist Party of China
UN News Centre: Asia Pacific
World Affairs Journal: China
Xinhua News Agency – official government news agency

Culture and History Resources

Chinese-language Sources

Ancient books (National Library of China) – collections include texts and images
China Research Papers Online (CUHK)- research papers re: contemporary China
National Library of China – incl. digital resources
Wikipedia – Chinese edition

English-language Sources

China Voyage (Eastday)
Chinese Cuisine (Eastday)
Ethnic Costume (Eastday)
JSTOR – includes several Asian Studies journals

Language Learning Resources

Rocket Languages (school access beginning in October 2018) – access will include courses for all languages taught at MLWGS (including ASL) with the exception of Latin and Greek

BBC Languages: Chinese

(simplified) Chinese Dictionary

Chinese TV shows (from Mrs. Meng’s course dashboard)
女生日记 Playlist

China Watching and Data

Chinese Data Center– UMichigan
Chinese Leadership Monitor – Hoover Institution, quarterly
China Vitae – biographical database of Chinese leaders
HRIC (Human Rights in China)
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