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Note-taking for GS10 paper

This version of the Note-taking for Research slideshow  includes information about organizing a Word document for a long-term research project using the following features:

  • Styles (for different levels of headings)
  • Comments
  • Navigation Pane

The short link is,

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Slideshows for students in mentorship

Note-taking slideshow for students in a mentorship this year.

Note-taking for research

Right Topic, Right Tools slideshow for mentorship students.

Mentorship Research: Right Topic, Right Tools

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Mindful learning & lecture notes

Slideshow for review by Biology students on mindful learning, traits of effective note-taking, how learning preferences influence thinking and note-taking habits, and how self-awareness and intentional practice can strengthen learning and note-taking skills.


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Taking notes for research papers

This slideshow is designed for students in GS10 classes embarking on their research journey.

Selecting a note-taking method that…

  • includes space for your voice
  • captures context
  • and documents all elements needed for a CMS citation (including DOI and/or accession number)

…can make your research experience more effective and efficient, helping your understand your topic more fully, recognize patterns more quickly, and avoid mistakes that can waste valuable time having to re-find a source for a quote or re-find the context in which the quote was made.

For CMS sample citations, check the Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide.

Click on the image below to view slideshow in O365 Online:


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