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GS10 research overview

Slideshow for review by GS10 students on required source types, suggested resources (open access and in the library’s databases), how to distinguish scholarly studies from other sources that appear in scholarly publications, and other helpful tips.



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Mindful learning & lecture notes

Slideshow for review by Biology students on mindful learning, traits of effective note-taking, how learning preferences influence thinking and note-taking habits, and how self-awareness and intentional practice can strengthen learning and note-taking skills.


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Antarctica in the library – penguins included!

Thanks to MLWGS polar science enthusiast and math teacher Lynn Reed for fascinating us with her presentation about her research trips to Antarctica with the NSF today!  We even got to see photos of an “exchange” between a stuffed dragon and a group of penguins.

Lynn Reed presenting

Students stayed to ask more questions.

Students asking questions

Ms. Reed will take us to the Arctic and Greenland next Friday, 12/12, from 11:45am to 12:15pm.

See you there!

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Mentorship research that matters

You’re discovering all sorts of new things about your mentorship field and putting in the hours – now it’s time to make headway on your research paper. But what to research? Where to look? That’s what we’ll be discussing in the forum during 7th and 8th blocks on Friday, November 7th. We’ll start by discussing finding that topic sweet spot…

Topic Sweet Spot

…and move on to matching resources with research needs, learning the lingo in your field, and refining your search strategy as you learn more about your chosen topic. If you’re absent, download the Mentorship Research that Matters handout, then stop by the library so we can discuss it.

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