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Don’t get stuck in a news echo chamber

Before you assert a position on a policy issue or argue about an event in the news, it’s important to consult a variety of authoritative sources. These days it can be all too easy to stay in a news echo chamber. This 16-minute tutorial introduces key Tools and Tips for Researching Policy Issues using the MLWGS Library’s databases and two open sources – so that you can avoid news echo chambers.

The MLWGS offers access to a variety of news publications and news feeds, ebooks, journals, and other sources via Issues Researcher, PowerSearch and Explora. To complement these databases, consult open sources like to find additional constrasting viewpoints.

Since the video tutorial above was recorded, the MW Library has added access to current Wall Street Journal coverage via Because MLWGS is in virtual learning mode, you can access from off-campus. Normally this access would only be available on-campus.

For school logins to the databases mentioned above, go to the Resources folder of the Dragons Research group in Schoology. Keep in mind that this access is for MLWGS students and faculty only, so please do not share our school logins with anyone else or it will jeopardize our access.

Researching a historical topic or event? The MW Library also offers access to historical news coverage from the The New York Times (1851-2016), The Wall Street Journal (1889-2003), and the UK’s Guardian/Observer (1791-2003) through ProQuest’s Historical Newspapers,

Not sure where to begin? Consult Tools for Research (organized by task).

If you have questions, email Ms. DeGroat at wdegroat[at]

New comfy seating in the library

During the “Library Vision Walk” feedback process, students requested more comfy seating (esp. solo) in the library. Thanks to support from the Governor’s School Foundation, I was able to place an order for comfy seating at the end of last school year – and it was delivered today!

The decision to make this enhancement happened pre-pandemic, but one advantage of the new furniture (the quad of four upholstered chairs and the adjustable stools for sitting at the computers) is that they are easy to clean & disinfect, something that will make the library an even healthier space when students return to campus.

I look forward to welcoming you back to the library later this school year so you can try this furniture for yourselves!