News Literacy

For students government classes and others looking for strategies to evaluate news stories and related media, here’s the slideshow discussed during class. This slideshow is a derivative work that combines slides from three campaign literacy lesson plans available from the Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism:

Click on slide image to open slideshow in PowerPoint Online.


News Source Evaluation Activity

Using the information_neighborhoods_chart as a reference point, apply the strategies we discussed to evaluate the following news videos and/or web articles about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Complete this worksheet: newsstoryevaluationdec2016.

Opinion Pieces (skim to note different labels/types)

News Videos (news reporting? opinion journalism? neither?)

Web Articles (evaluate an article trio for V-I-A)

Trio A

Trio B

Trio C

Trio D

Fact-Checking Sites

  • FactCheck – from the Annenberg Public Policy Center at UPENN
  • MediaMatters – progressive organization; focus on conservative news
  • NewsBusters – conservative organization; focus on liberal news
  • OpenSecrets – focuses on campaign finance (e.g. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Energy Transfer Partners)
  • Politifact – run by the Tampa Bay Times and media partners for state-specific editions like Politifact-Virginia (with the Richmond Times Dispatch)

Candidates on the Issues

  • Ballotpedia 2016 – covers candidates in current presidential election
  • – covers candidates in current presidential election

News from Contrasting Perspectives

  • Allsides – curates articles from left, right, and center news outlets
  • Google News – look for contrasting headlines
    • Consider limiting by news sources from particular location
    • If you have more than one Google account, consider setting up preferences for one Google News portal to emphasize liberal viewpoints and another to represent conservative viewpoints
  • Research databases, including PowerSearch and AP Source, contain many publications with contrasting viewpoints (see polemicpubs_spring2016)



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