Expand your political awareness with these 3 free tools

Horizontal strip with three logos: AllSides, Ground News, and Tangle

Next week, the MLWGS Library will launch the 2023 One Small Step program.

Students who participate in One Small Step are matched with a classmate whose political perspective differs from theirs – not to argue or debate, but to discuss the life experiences and other influences that have shaped their current viewpoints. It’s an opportunity to have a conversation that’s likely to stretch you by demanding deep listening and the courage to share insights into why you hold the values and opinions you do – something you may not have thought much about before.

If you’re considering participating or would just like to challenge yourself to think more broadly, begin expanding your political awareness. Many people gravitate to news sources biased toward their perspective. This is normal. But while it can be affirming and comforting, if that’s all you read or watch, it could lead to a lopsided, incomplete understanding of current events – or perhaps mean that you don’t hear about some stories at all.

Consider integrating these 3 free tools into your news habits:

  • Read or listen to Tangle, a nonpartisan political newsletter that “summariz[es] the best arguments from across the political spectrum” on one topic per day. It’s about a 10-minute read and is also available as a podcast.
  • Check the Blindspot Report from Ground News to discover news stories that are being underreported or not covered at all by either left or right-leaning media outlets
  • Along with your regular news sources, browse or search AllSides for other perspectives. You’ll find coverage organized as left, center, or right. You can also look up a specific media source for their rating of its bias.

You’ll likely find great value in the free content available from these sites. Even though both Ground News and Tangle offer subscriptions that provide additional content, start with the free content and see how it feels to integrate that into your news habits before signing up for more.

If you have questions, stop by the library.