Take a break to create without screens or words

This winter, take a break from typing and swiping to create something without screens or words. Consider doing this regularly to give your eyes a rest from blue lights and to engage different parts of your brain.

While you might consult a recipe, plans, or instructions along the way, choose an activity for which the creating you do – the magic – involves something other than words, writing, or coding: draw, paint, sculpt, build, cook, play, knit, dance, make, photograph, collage, repurpose, stitch, fold, hum, or bake.

You’ll find book displays like this all over the library with ideas for things you might make. . .

Display of five books: Upcycled Accessories, Heirloom Kitchen, Origami Jewelry, Karakuri, and Crafty Chica's Art de la Soul.

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