Photo essays by Gordon Parks available for free in Google Books

23 Aug

If you haven’t been to the VMFA since the Gordon Parks exhibit “Back to Fort Scott” opened in July (admission is free), I highly recommend a visit. It will be there through Oct. 30, 2016.  The exhibit also includes another room that contains several photo essays Parks created for Life magazine.  The VMFA is offering several free or low cost activities related to the exhibit.

If you’d like to study these essays before or after you view them at the VMFA, they’re available in full-text, including his stunning photographs, inside Google Books.

Here are direct links to the relevant issues of Life.  To view an essay, click on the essay’s beginning page number or title (whichever is in blue) in the Table of Contents:

  • “Harlem Gang Leader” (Red Jackson) – starts on p. 96 of the Nov. 1, 1948 issue
  • “Background of Segregation” – starts on p. 98 of the Sep. 24, 1956 issue
  • “Watch the Black Muslims” (Malcolm X) – starts on p. 22 of the May 31, 1963 issue
  • “How It Feels To Be Black” – starts p. 72 of the Aug. 16, 1963 issue
  • “Whip of Black Power” (Stokely Carmichael) – starts on p. 75A of the May 19, 1967 issue

If the link in the Table of Contents fails to work or is missing (as it is for the essay about Stokely Carmichael), you can navigate to an essay manually using the issue’s scroll button (on the right side of the display on your screen).

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