Relevance Rising and Dragon storytime

21 Apr

Students in the Relevance Rising seminar welcomed preschoolers from the YMCA to MLWGS this morning.  During storytime in the library with Isabella and her guest dragon, there were many laughs, and Isabella kept the students involved by asking them to predict what might happen next in the story.

When she read that the boy was taking his dragon swimming, one kid remarked “Dragons don’t like water.” And not fooled by any costume, another pointed to our mascot and said “That’s not a dragon. That’s a human.”  The biggest laugh was when the boy and the dragon whistled and boy ended up with smoldering spiky hair.

After they finished storytime, our guests made dragon handpuppets with the art club and toured the school.  They remarked on how BIG everything looked.  When’s the last time you visited your elementary school?  What did it look like there?

Kudos to Relevance Rising and their teacher Stephanie Welles for a successful event.


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