Art and balance at MLWGS

13 Apr

Yesterday, senior Alex Norman, who’s in Art V, gave a moving and inspiring gallery talk after school.  If you missed her talk, journey to the art hall to see the remarkable range of work she’s created in a wide variety of mediums.


Alex talked about how artistic expression – in painting, sculpture, photography, and music – have been essential in her ability to maintain a sense of balance while meeting the rigorous demands of MLWGS, and how they’ve been essential in shaping her sflow-bookjacketelf-identity.

For her mentorship this year, she’s been researching creative flow, studying books like Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (available in the MW Library).

Kudos to our fabulous Fine Arts department and mentorship program for the ways they encourage students to explore who they are and what matters to them, and to experience the joy, discovery, frustration, flow, meaning, and satisfaction that artistic expression can bring.

Deep gratitude to Alex for contributing her creativity to MLWGS and the broader community. The work currently on display includes two sand tables Alex built. She delights in seeing people interact with these tables and play with the sand, something they’ve said relaxes them and brings them a sense of calm.

For photos of the installation in progress and the sand table build process, visit her blog where you’ll also find a recording of Alex singing “Primary Colors” (lyrics painted on the art hallway).

Feeling stressed? Go to the art wing to play with one of Alex’s sand tables…

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