More resources for Books Cooks and Culture seminar

24 Sep

Suggestions related to your current text

Historical Context for The Oresteia by Aeschylus (Columbia College)

Free audio recording of The Oresteia (LibriVox) – listen while you walk, run, or exercise in the fitness center

PowerSearch is a good starting point for reference on topics like fashion or politics in Ancient Greece. One example is Power Dressing in Ancient Greece and Rome from History Today

AP Source: You’ll find relevant e-books for reference, and journals of interest may include the following.

JSTOR: Classical Studies journal list (in Advanced Search, you may wish to limit your search to this discipline – depending on your topic, Archaeology may be another useful discipline limiter).  Remember to build a robust, flexible list of potential search terms BEFORE you plunge into the scholarly waters of JSTOR.

Global Edge (Michigan State U): Greek Economy

Hellenic Statistical Authority (click British flag in upper right for English version of site) – guests limited to 500 records

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