GCO dinner table topic, week eight

01 Apr

Last week, GCO participants explored the relationship between online identity and college admissions, so their dinner table topic was left open-ended to discuss related ideas with their families. Next week, they’ll be focused on developing personal strategic plans regarding their online presence and are invited to get their family’s input.

Thus, this week’s topic (Week 8), is the last dinner table topic with guiding questions. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series.

Discuss the potential of social media to influence social change. Consider one or more of the following sub-topics:

  • If you could influence social change through social media, on what area(s)/on what issue(s) would you focus? Would different members of your family focus on different issues/goals? Why?
  • In what ways does the possibility that young adults have more time to invest in such pursuits than parents with house payments mean for the future of these pursuits? To what extent is this actually true? Is there really any advantage to people in a particular age group?
  • What could give a person an edge in this use of social media?
  • What might the growth of crowdfunding sites mean for non-profits/charities? Is the potential negative impact counteracted by micro and mobile giving apps? Why or why not?
  • What excites you – or worries you – about these trends? Do different people in your family have different opinions about this? Why?
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