Searchable Post-it and white board notes with Evernote

21 Feb

Like all of us at MLWGS, faculty and students alike, I’m typically working at warp speed. As a result, I don’t always take the time to document a research lesson in a tidy Word write-up. Instead, being a happily bimodal note-taker who uses Post-its and moleskins as readily as my laptop, I’ll sometimes slap three to six Post-it notes from my lesson onto a printout of the teacher’s assignment.  There, I admitted it.  I still love the texture of paper and the feel of a pen in my hand – AND I love technology!

The problem: how to find those notes later, particularly if I’m not at school.

The solution: Evernote and a smartphone.

Why bother?  Let’s say that several months go by before I need these notes. I’m at home and all I can remember is that Mrs. Burr used an example related to coal mining in her assignment description for her local history re-photography project.  I open Evernote and type COAL in the search box – and there are my Post-it notes with COAL highlighted in yellow!


This works when you take photos of white board notes too.

For more info, watch the video below and/or refer to the related Evernote guide.

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