Students creating interactive art gallery about Wiesel’s Night

06 Feb

So…you’re walking down the hallway at MLWGS and you see this really cool multimedia collage that one of Ms. Sheppard’s students has created about Night.  You gaze at it and wonder, hmmm, I wish I understood more about the story behind this artwork.  This time, instead of having to walk to your next class curious but frustrated, you can pull out your smartphone, zap the QR code, and hear the artist tell you the story of their collage.  Sweet!

This idea isn’t new. Here’s a photo from an exhibit in 2012 at Piedmont Arts down in Martinsville,VA.


Want to do this in your class? community? church?

Here’s how:

1. Write down what you’d like to say and practice saying it. Don’t go overboard. Aim for one double-spaced page or a smidgen more. You don’t have to memorize it, but you want to feel comfortable with the content and tone of your message.

2. Record yourself. Concisely informational yet conversational is the idea. Two or three minutes. You can record it in the language lab, on your smartphone’s voice memo app, using Audacity, etc.

3. If it isn’t already in an mp3 or a similarly widespread audio format, convert it to mp3 using iTunes or a web-based file converter.

4. Upload the audio file to a place on the open web that you can link to (so NOT itslearning). This could be a page on a Weebly or Google Sites, or a folder on MW Google Docs, Dropbox, Sugar Sync, etc.

5. Create a QR code for the URL, then print it and post it beside your artwork!  One web-based QR generator that allows you to control the size of the code is – select the URL tab to create a code that links to a file stored online – like your audio recording.

Have fun!

If you want to see this taken to the next level by a painter who embeds QR codes in his paintings so his paintings can tell stories and have extra layers of interactivity with the viewer, see this post about Jose Torres (a.k.a. Tony Taj).

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