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06 Nov

Today the Gratitude, Praise, and Appreciation Station (a.k.a. GPA Station or “The Happy Station”) opens at the library’s circulation desk (see photo below of the library’s drawer of “thank you” supplies).  Thank you to everyone who helped stock the GPA Station for its debut!

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get, the smile that twitches the corners of your mouth, when you find a happy note in your mailbox, on your desk, or in your backpack?  The GPA Station facilitates spreading exactly that kind of cheer!

Whenever that urge hits you during the school day to say THANK YOU to a friend or teacher for lending a hand, praise them for an awesome presentation, or appreciate the way they brighten your week with their kindness, you can buzz down to the library and select a card or sheet of special paper to drop into their mailbox, slip into their locker, or leave on their desk/backpack.

Want to take your thanks a step further?  Consider posting your note to the gratitude wall (the green wall) in the library and/or snapping a photo of it and emailing it to (a web site moderated by Coach Hall).


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