Documentary Poetics in AP Lang

14 May

Mrs. Williams’s AP Language students recently explored the pulse within poetry known as documentary poetry: poems written using primary source material as inspiration, with the goal of conveying the voice in the source document(s) authentically, and maybe even incorporating excerpts from the source document into the poem.

Writers used a variety of primary source documents related to the Vietnam War, Hurricane Katrina, and the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, composing poetry in a variety of styles.

Drop by the library to read nine sample poems:

  • The Numbers of the Dead by T. Flynn
  • Excerpts from an Interview with a Cameraman at My Lai by M. Reichert
  • Untitled poem about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti by M. Sizemore
  • My Lai by S. Tembe
  • Lessons by M. Healy
  • Reconciliation by G. Buddiga
  • For All Who Served Their Country by A. Williams
  • Peace With Honor by M. Morris
  • Untitled poem based on photo from Vietnam War by R. Huang


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