Mobile-friendly research options

01 Feb

Do you have a web-enabled phone or other mobile device like an iPad or eReader? Now you can research while waiting for your sister’s soccer practice to end, waiting for your brother at the dentist’s office, or riding the bus.

Mobile-friendly options are available for JSTOR, EBSCO’s AP Source and eBook Collection, Gale’s Virtual Reference Library, and the Gale databases included in PowerSearch:

  • JSTOR and EBSCO offer mobile-optimized web interfaces
  • EBSCO and GALE offer apps for iPhones, iPads, or Android devices for searching AP Source or the Gale databases included in PowerSearch
  • GALE offers the option to send an article in the Gale Virtual Reference Library to your eReader via email and have it automatically converted to an eReader-friendly format
  • EBSCO offers the ability to “check out” one of our non-fiction eBooks to your laptop, desktop, or e-Reader

In addition to an Internet connection, accessing these resources requires our library’s database passwords (available in the MW Library or the library’s share folder) or, in the case of JSTOR, your personal login.

Outside these mobile-friendly methods, many articles in our databases are available as PDFs which can be downloaded or sent via email to your phone or iPad to read on-the-go in a PDF reader application. On an eReader (like a Kindle or Nook), unconverted PDFs can be difficult to view, so that method is not recommended.

Visit the library’s Mobile Research page for more information, including tips, video tutorials, and links to the app download pages.

If you have any questions, see Ms. DeGroat in the library.

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