Written (or edited) by Dragons

24 Sep

Today marks the launch of the MW Library’s Written (or Edited) by Dragons bookshelf, a special project made possible by the Friends of the MW Library. Featuring alumni and faculty writers, the shelf includes books and a binder of shorter works published in scholarly journals, professional/trade magazines, news magazines, and literary journals.

This bookshelf reflects the MLWGS commitment to inspire students to add to the scholarly conversation, public forum, and creative landscape with their original work 

The bookshelf is located on the second shelf of the bookcase under the clock in the library’s main area. For its inaugural iteration (a few books haven’t arrived yet), the shelf will include books written by faculty members Dr. Ainslie McLees (International Languages), Michele Surat (English), and Lisa Williams (English), as well as books written or edited by the following alumni: Andra Gillespie (1995), Jenny Han (1998), Anoop Dave (1999), Steven Funes (2009), and Christopher Richardson (2009). Notice the snazzy green MLW labels on the spines. Please come by and browse. If you’d like to check one out, these books have a two-week loan period.

Are you a MLWGS faculty member or alumnus with a published book or a shorter work published in a scholarly journal, professional/trade magazine, news magazine, or literary journal? If your work falls into one of the categories listed below, please send a copy to Ms. DeGroat. Please note that letters and book reviews are not included.

  • Articles, research studies, literature reviews
  • Essays, columns, editorials
  • Poems, stories, creative nonfiction, plays, screenplays

The binder currently includes articles by Dr. Janet Spencer (English), Dr. Cliff Broeniman (International Languages), Ms. Crista Ellis (Mathematics) and Ms. DeGroat (Librarian). I’m certain the binder will grow quickly as word spreads about this project. In order to adhere to copyright guidelines, works in the binder may not be photocopied, and PDFs will not be made available in the library’s share folder. However, some may be accessible via one of the MW Library’s databases.

Excited about the Written (or Edited) by Dragons project? Here’s how you can help:

  1. Alert Ms. D if you know of an alumnus who has published work that falls into one of the categories listed above. Please include a description of the work, preferably a full citation, along with contact information for the alumnus.
  2. If you are an alumnus or faculty member who’d like to send a book or other work for inclusion, please drop off a copy at the MW Library or mail a copy to the MW Library’s attention at the school address. If it is a shorter work that you have in digital form, feel free to e-mail the file (preferably PDF) to Ms. DeGroat. If it is a publication for which you do not have access to a copy, please provide Ms. D with a complete citation for the work, including an ISBN if the work is a published book.
  3. Join Friends of the Library – this is one of the projects that Friends funding supports this year.
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