What remains?

17 Jul

Some of you may be wondering what databases survived the 2012/2013 budget cuts. The good news is that several did, so we still have a respectable collection of databases to support your research. Survivors include:

  1. Advanced Placement Source (AP Source)
  2. JSTOR
  3. Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale)
  4. ProQuest Historical News Archive
  5. Science Direct
  6. U.S. and World History in Context (Gale)
  7. PowerSearch (Gale – state funding, not our school budget, pays for this)
  8. Reference Online for History, Health, and Science (Salem Press)*
  9. Virtual Reference Library (Gale)*
  10. EBSCO e-book Collection*

*No new e-books will be added to our online e-book collections this year.

The following online resources will not be renewed:

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica
  2. Literary Reference Center
  3. Ethnic Newswatch
  4. Columbia International Affairs Online
  5. Scientific American (AP Source has articles from Jan. 2005 to present in HTML full-text)

I am hopeful that the budget situation will improve in 2013/2014 so that I can restore your access to some of the resources we’ve lost this year and once again purchase books and DVDs to support your studies.

In the meantime, please diligently use the library’s print and online resources – and ask me, your friendly resourceress, if you have any questions. Happy researching!

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