Easier access to your Google Docs with Google Drive

05 Jun

With Google Drive, you have the option to download Drive to your personal computer. Once you download it, you can access your Google Docs by clicking on the Google Drive folder on your computer’s desktop display.

Any downsides? At least one. If you have documents associated with several Google accounts, you may only access ONE account via this method per computer.  You can, however, toggle between multiple Google accounts on the web interface for Google Drive. And if you have a laptop and a desktop, you could set up Google Drive folder access for one Google account on your laptop and for a different Google account on your desktop.

Have you already downloaded Drive and now want to switch which Google account you access via a folder on your desktop? Then read the instructions on the bottom half of this help page.

One more option for cloud storage!

Like similar services, Google gives you 5GB of storage space for free and sells additional space for a fee.

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