Digital markup of PDFs using Adobe Reader X

04 Apr

Save green (trees and money) by marking up PDF articles digitally rather than printing them and marking them up using the old-school highlighter and pencil method. With Adobe Reader X, you can do this for FREE.

First download the PDF of the article to your computer and open it using Adobe Reader X.

Once you have the document open in Adobe Reader, use the highlighter and comment buttons on the Reader toolbar (show below) to highlight text and add digital sticky notes to the PDF.

By clicking on Comment on the far right of the toolbar, you’ll open the Comment sidebar where you can search, sort, and change preferences for your notes.

What do your notes look like on the PDF?  Here’s a snapshot of a paragraph with text highlighted and a sticky note added.

Are you repelled by the color yellow or otherwise compelled to customize all things digital?  If you click on the tiny drop-down arrow beside your note icon when the note is open, you can change the visual symbol associated with the note (e.g. from a thought bubble to a checkmark), as well as the note’s color.

When I showed this to Mrs. Yagel’s students today, they asked about printing their comments.  Although it is much greener for you to drop a copy of the marked up article into your teacher’s folder on the Share drive, you may print a page or pages with the sticky notes showing.  You may also print summary pages of notes (this generates a separate list of notes for each page of the PDF with notes on it).  For instructions about how to do this, stop by the library, download the “how to” handout in the library’s share folder, or review Adobe’s help tips.

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