MLK, Jr. in letters and other documents

19 Jan

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the King Center in Atlanta unveiled the King Archives, an amazing digitization project that already contains over 200,000 documents and will eventually contain over 1 million. You can search the archive or browse it by theme.

Here is the King Center’s description of the Spotlight documents: “These pages will present a more dynamic view than is often seen of Dr. King’s life and times. The documents reveal the scholar, the father, and the pastor. Through these papers we see the United States of America at one of its most vulnerable, most honest and perhaps most human moments in history. There are letters bearing the official marks of royalty and the equally regal compositions of children. You will see speeches, telegrams, scribbled notes, patient admonitions and urgent pleas. This spotlight shows you a glimpse of the remarkable history within this collection.”

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