better than sliced bread

22 Sep

Evernote logoOf course that’s easy for me to say since I have to steer clear of eating most bread, but if you haven’t heard about Evernote, you need to check it out. Does the green elephant button look familiar? Maybe you’ve downloaded the app to your smartphone, iPod, iPad, or computer already and it’s just waiting for you to double-click it. Truly, what this app does for note-taking is magical.

  • Mac? PC? Android? iPod touch? iPad? Keep your notes synced across them all.
  • Web clippings? Images? Audio notes? Save them all here.
  • Like to organize?  Put notes in notebooks (e.g. Chemistry Research Project) and notebooks in stacks (MLWGS)
  • Trouble finding your notes once you’ve made them?  Tag them for maximum findability.
  • Group project? Share a notebook or a single note with your group so they can see it (limited to view only in the free version of Evernote)

In October, the library’s lunchtime tech bytes series will begin.  The first topic will be Evernote.  Stay tuned for details!

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