Programming challenge – due March 12

08 Mar

In celebration of Teen Tech Week, use your preferred language and programming environment to design a program that solves the following problem.  Show your solution to Ms. DeGroat by 3:15 pm on Friday, March 12th for the chance to win a Best Buy gift card.

Problem:  It’s the last morning of your spring break trip to Florida.  In the hotel parking lot where you’re meeting the bus for the ride home, there’s a fruit stand.  You love fruit and this is a way to take a little of Florida back home with you.  You have exactly $14.75 in cash and you want to spend every penny of it. The fruit stand choices consist of the following:
•    Grapefruit at $2.50
•    Strawberries at $3.35
•    Oranges at $2.15
•    Papaya at $5.80
•    Mangoes at $4.45
Level one: Write a program to find the correct combination of fruit to expend all your cash.
Level two:  Write a solution that does the above AND allows the user to input “menu” items, the amount of money to spend, and finds the combinations that get to 0 or as close to 0 as possible.
Level three:   Write a solution that does all of the above AND provides a translation of how to order the “winning” combination of items in Spanish.

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