Express it in Eight

09 Oct

Inspired by SMITH Magazine’s six-word memoirs, the MW Library invites students and faculty at MLWGSGIS to Express It in Eight (one word for each letter of our illustrious school acronym): capture the essence of you or your life at this moment – in eight words.

Contest Details for Express It in Eight

  • When is the contest? Tuesday, Oct. 13 through Friday, Nov. 13, 2009
  • Where do I submit my entry? In the contest entry box on the library circulation desk or online via a Quia survey.
  • What could I win? B&N gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and the chance to have your entry published in an Express It in Eight book celebrating the glorious diversity and creativity of our school community.
  • May I enter more than once? Yes!  You may enter up to THREE eight-word expressions of you.
  • May I enter anonymously? I’m afraid not.  Each entry must specify the writer’s name, grade level, and English teacher’s name.

For ideas, peruse the six-word memoirs composed by members of SMITH Magazine’s main and teen sites or browse one of their related books.  You get two more words for yours.  I’m not sure whether the two extra words will prove beneficial or detrimental to creativity, but we’ll discover this together.

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