when your memory is too good

23 Sep

When you’re trying to cram for that physics test in the 10 minutes between when your bus gets to school and when class begins, memory superpowers might make it to your three wishes list.  Based on an ongoing study by a team of researchers at University of California Irvine (for which they published their first article in 2006), you might want to beware what you wish for…

Since starting with a case study of Jill Price, their first subject, their research has expanded (slightly) to involve four people who suffer (yes, suffer) from hyperthymesia or superior autobiographical memory.  They don’t forget anything they experience.  Says Price, “If you throw a date out at me, it’s as if I pulled a videotape out, put in a VCR and just watched the day.”  To get a quick overview of all four individuals, see this week’s post on Mental Floss magazine’s blog.

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