CNET's Webware 100 Awards – Search finalists

29 Apr

This year’s CNET Webware 100 Finalists in the Search and Reference category include search engines trying inventive ways to present results.

Famous people

Two of the tools present results about famous people in creative ways.  Compare results for Frida Kahlo using Hakia and Evri versus a standard search engine like Google, Yahoo!, Live, or Ask.

Of the two, I preferred Hakia, but if you use it, stick with the main All Results tab because the results under the other tabs (e.g. credible sites, news, images) aren’t as relevant because they match on either half of the name (Frida or Kahlo) instead of the whole name.  There’s a third site, Mahalo, for contemporary people in the news which is more focused on gossip/rumor.

Visual search

For those of you who appreciate creative visual design, check out Searchme which returns results in a colorful stack of web pages that you can flip through like a photo album.

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