Schreiber's abolition of slavery assignment

09 Mar

There is a project guide available in the library’s bookmark account for students researching the abolition of slavery in Britain.  Specifically, Mr. Schreiber would like you to read articles and examine primary sources related to Lord Mansfield’s 1772 decision in the Somerset (a.k.a. Sommersett or Somersett) case and its impact on the abolition of slavery in Britain.  This case concerned James Somerset, a slave owned by Charles Stewart, a customs official in Britain.  Lord Mansfield is also known as William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield.

The project guide highlights two relevant databases: JSTOR and The Making of Modern Law.  Please note that we have temporary access to 19th Century British Pamphlets – new content in JSTOR.  You may limit your results to these document by selecting pamphlets in the Limit To field on Advanced Search.  On the remainder of the project guide, you will find two articles from JSTOR that Mr. Schreiber selected as particularly pertintent to your studies, as well as three web sites, including a superb site from the UK’s Parliamentary Archives.

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