What are you reading now?

14 Feb

What are your peers reading? your teachers? Share what you’re reading, see what others are reading, and talk about books and writing on a private social network created for this purpose: the Dragons Reading Room.

You’ll need an invitation before you can join, so fill out an invitation request and drop it by the library. Soon you’ll be creating your profile, setting up your personal page, adding comments and blog posts, and forming groups with peers who share your reading interests.

Are you passionate about improving the environment, erasing racism, eradicating poverty, or raising awareness about world hunger or the working poor in America? Form a group with Dragons who share your passion so you can discuss the books you’re reading to learn more about your cause.

Want to learn more? Come to the Library Lunch Bites session about the Dragons Reading Room on Feb. 22nd from 11:45-12:05 in the forum (bring your lunch).

Dragons Reading Room

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