Viewing and collaboration station

15 Nov

viewing and collaboration station

Thanks to funding through the GSGIS Foundation, the student viewing station in the library has been updated. Some of you may recall the former viewing station: a 27″ television on a large media cart with no headphone connection and no associated writing surface – not the most conducive setup for watching a film you missed while you were absent (for you or students using the library at the time).

This unit has been replaced with a TV/Monitor that can be used not only to view films you missed in class during an absence (supporting up to three listeners at once), but also to plug in your personal laptop to collaborate with group members to create movies, presentations, and other multimedia projects for school assignments (application availability is limited to the software installed on the personal laptops of students in the group).

Teachers may also use this station for meeting with students about classwork and lectures they missed when that work includes PowerPoints or other presentations that are more meaningful with a combination of visual display and face-to-face instruction.

Please note that this unit is only a TV/monitor that can enhance viewing. It is not connected to a cable or TV antennae to receive channel signals, nor is it connected to the Internet or school network. Instead it displays input from computers, DVD players, and VCR’s plugged into it.

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