Cautionary note about citation-maker tools

04 Oct

Keep in mind that citation-making tools like Citation Machine (which now supports Chicago style), NoodleBib Express, and Source Aid (supports Chicago and CSE) are only as accurate as the information you input. This includes which source type you select from their menus.

For instance, if you find an article online, take a minute to determine whether you’re viewing an online magazine, an article from a database (free or subscription), report on an organization web site, etc. – and then pick the correct source type (if available) in the citation-making tool. Over the past week, I’ve noticed many students incorrectly choosing web site as the source type when they should be selecting online journal or article from a database.

Since formatting is often lost when you copy and paste, check your finished citation against an example from Diana Hacker’s Research and Documentation Online for MLA , APA , Chicago, or CSE (select the source type from the drop-down menu on the page).

You may find that using Hacker’s site, a similar reputable site recommended by your teacher, or an actual printed style manual is more efficient than typing the pieces of the citation into a citation-maker and then fixing the formatting after you copy and paste it into Word.

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