Connecting with contemporary writing

For students in creative writing and any writer interested in keeping up with the contemporary writing scene…

The library’s English guide includes a contemporary writing section that links to several literary journals and magazines available inside our databases.

Additionally, if you’re interested in a broad discussion of the writing market, award winners, and issues being discussed in the writing community today, there are two particular magazines available in PowerSearch that may be of interest to you: Poets & Writers and Writer’s Digest.

To browse current or earlier issues of these magazines, follow the links below (Gale database login required):

To get a sense of these publications, you may also visit their web sites:

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Learning more about indigenous peoples

As some of you may have read on the news recently, today is recognized in South Dakota, Vermont, and Alaska as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  Cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, and Boulder also mark this day.

Consider investing a few minutes to reflect on your summer reading of Silko’s Storyteller or Momaday’s House Made of Dawn – or check out a book from the display in the library.


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Noh Drama resources for Losen

If you have Ms. Losen, here are some resources about Noh drama that could be helpful in designing your masks and researching related topics:

By next Friday, I’ll moved this archived page from the old library web site to this site – and enrich it with more resources about costumes. In the meantime, these should provide a good springboard for getting started.

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Taste buds on tour

In the MENA seminar or Books and Cooks, or curious about the spices and tastes of the MENA region?  Check out a cookbook of fragrant, scrumptious recipes from the MW Library and get out your pots and pans!


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