VCU Library shuttle CANCELLED

The library periodically pilots new programs and services to see which ones meet the needs of MLWGS students and teachers. In the case of this year’s pilot of a VCU Library Shuttle during lunch once per month, since no one has used the service in its first three months, it is being cancelled.

Students and teachers may continue to borrow from VCU Libraries through the high school borrower program (see Ms. DeGroat for forms), but will need to provide their own transportation. Fortunately, Cabell Library is within a reasonable walking distance from MLWGS. If you have any questions, stop by the MW Library.

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What are you feeling grateful for today?

Stop by the library to add your response to the updated question wall!

The current question connects not only to the Thanksgiving season and Veterans’ Day initiatives like Operation Gratitude, but also to the gratitude practice observed by AP Psychology students for the past month during their mindfulness unit.  Come by and express your gratitude today!

Photo of green chalkboard wall with question "What are you feeling GRATEFUL for today?"


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Ghostly stories and scary tales…

Tis the season for ghostly stories and scary tales. Find several on display – mostly fiction, including one book that’s older than me but sounds scary: Alfred Hitchcock Presents…Stories They Wouldn’t Let Me Do on TV.

book display of ghostly stories and scary tales


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Add your fear to the question wall

Add your response to the new question on the library’s question wall.  One request: please refrain from writing people’s names. And thank you to the person who wrote “fake birds” today.  I had no idea!

What are you afraid of?

green wall with question "What are you afraid of?" written in chalk, along with responses like college, clowns, high bridges, and fake birds.


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