Congratulations, Yashna!

Congratulations to Yashna Nainani, the 2016-17 recipient of the Linda Howe Award for community service. Yashna contributed over 800 hours of service to her community during her tenure at MLWGS. The Governor’s School Foundation donated Aparna Jain’s book Own It: Leadership Lessons from Women Who Do to the library in Yashna’s honor.

Considering Yashna’s membership in the inaugural Gender and Culture in MENA seminar, including her participation in the Morocco trip, this book’s connection to leadership and gender made it a fitting choice.  Thanks, Yashna!


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Book and VHS tape giveaway begins today

Periodically the library has giveaways of library books that are duplicates or are no longer a good fit for the collection (e.g. outdated, etc.), as well as donated books that the library already owns or that aren’t a good match for our readership.

This year there are also VHS tapes from the library and the MLWGS English department.

Take as many of these FREE items as you’d like – for reading, watching, or for a creative summer project!  Here are a few sites with crafty ideas for old VHS tapes from bookends to bracelets:

ONLY take items in the giveaway section – NOT books on the library shelves or textbooks in the new textbook review area.

More items will be added throughout the week, so feel free to come by more than once!

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Happy Bike to School Day!

More than a dozen Dragons on a wide range of wheels – and in a wider range of bike apparel (including shoes!) had a smaller carbon footprint today by biking to school.

Samantha Grossman arrived first, followed closely by the Southside Trio (Mr. Houghton, Mr. Walter, and Mr. Zweerink) who once again traveled the furthest (between 10.9 and 9.1 miles). Northside riders (Mr. Benesh, Mrs. Shore, Coach Hawkins, and I) also joined the fun, along with prize drawing winners Andrea Medina, Naomi Vickers, Cory Brower – and more.

Thanks to all participants!


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southsidetrio (2)

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Congrats to 2017 Poem Challenge Honorees

Among more than 50 entries in the library’s recent poem challenge, erasure and found poems written by the following students stood out. Congratulations! Stop by the library where you’ll find many of the poems on the library’s chalkboard wall.

  • Nikhil Chandravel
  • Derek Chen
  • Hanna Kruse
  • Grace Locke
  • Elizabeth McCombs
  • John Otero
  • Mariela Peters
  • Lillian Price
  • Michael Schweiker
  • Jack Smith
  • Spencer Smith
  • John Strader
  • Sadeisha Taylor
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